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Our track record speaks for itself; Jason Dalley has attained record results across Florida, both in negotiated settlement and trials. We are reliable, effective and determined to provide you with the resources to move forward with your life. We rebuild lives after the injury.
We communicate with insurance adjusters and repairs shops, to fully document all vehicle damages. We assist you in setting up property damage estimates and obtaining photographs of your vehicle. We hope get full value for your vehicle if it determines to be a total loss.
We communicate extensively with doctors and medical facilities, and we work with your insurance company to gather medical records and bills, to track and document your medical costs, and to make sure your medical bills are paid, so that you can obtain the best possible medical care. We help you find the best specialists to treat your injuries.
Attorney Jason Dalley has the experience to properly navigate the complex layers of insurance coverage to track your medical bills, coordinate the reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical expenses, and optimize settlements to ensure that your current and future costs are fully covered. We communicate with doctors and collection agencies to resolve problems related to overdue accounts. We work with your medical providers to ensure that your medical treatment is not interrupted due to exhaustion of your medical benefits.
Attorney Jason Dalley works closely with medical providers to obtain an estimate of all future medical costs, to determine what you will face down the road. We use our deep knowledge of legal standards to meet insurance company requirements to access funds from all applicable insurance policies, so that your medical expenses will be fully covered.
We determine your earning history, and we coordinate with your employer and doctors to document how your injury affects your short and long-term ability to work. We enlist the help of economic and rehabilitation experts who are knowledgeable of the Florida economy and wage scales, to quantify lost earnings. We compile this information to present to insurance companies during the settlement or litigation process.
We are highly experienced at managing the extraordinary amount of paperwork required to handle a successful claim. Our injury lawyers and staff oversee all document preparation, filings, mailings and tracking. We coordinate the high volume of communications with insurance companies, doctors, medical facilities, other attorneys, courts and witnesses to gather and deliver all required information and documents, and make sure that your case is handled in an effective, timely manner.
From the moment you become our client, Jason Steven Dalley initiates a relationship with the claim adjusters from all involved insurance companies. We handle all day-to-day communications, managing the flow of information, documents and related paperwork to complete your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. Just as it is the insurance adjuster’s job to settle your claim for as little as possible, it is our job to settle your claim for the maximum you are entitled to under the law.
We access various legal databases to determine claim values, taking into consideration all losses resulting from your accident and injuries. Jason Dalley is known for putting the time into each case to identify all current and future losses and we put forth all effort necessary to achieve the results you expect.
We engage in aggressive negotiations with insurance adjusters to deliver the highest settlements possible. Mr. Dalley uses his negotiation skills to secure agreements with adjusters to reduce the amount of money owed to insurance companies to repay them for their payment of your medical bills, thus maximizing your net recovery. We know the legal process required to obtain further settlements from insurance companies in the situation where the at-fault person has inadequate coverage.
For assistance with an emergency or immediate issue regarding a serious personal injury.
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