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As a Personal Injury Lawyer located in Delray Beach, Florida, Jason Steven Dalley will use his knowledge and extensive experience to best protect his clients rights and see to it that your best interest is always his ultimate goal!

  • There is no charge for legal fees unless we recover money.
  • We will begin working immediately on your case.
  • We will collect all police reports, accident reports and medical records.
  • We help you complete all insurance forms and submit claims.
  • We will assist you in getting your lost wages and medical bills paid by the insurance company.

Personal Injury

If you have been physically or emotionally injured, you may have a personal injury claim. Once a personal injury has occurred, the defendant is exposed to damages. Damages is the term for whatever is owed to you to compensate you for your loss.

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Car Accidents

Thousands of people are killed and millions are injured in motor vehicle crashes. These crashes frequently are caused by the negligence of other drivers, leading to death or injury for these drivers as well as for innocent victims.

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Do you have an injury?

Why Choose Us?

Our track record speaks for itself; Jason Dalley has attained record results across Florida, both in negotiated settlement and trials. We are reliable, effective and determined to provide you with the resources to move forward with your life. We rebuild lives after the injury.
We communicate with insurance adjusters and repairs shops, to fully document all vehicle damages. We assist you in setting up property damage estimates and obtaining photographs of your vehicle. We hope get full value for your vehicle if it determines to be a total loss.
We communicate extensively with doctors and medical facilities, and we work with your insurance company to gather medical records and bills, to track and document your medical costs, and to make sure your medical bills are paid, so that you can obtain the best possible medical care. We help you find the best specialists to treat your injuries.
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